Lessons I learnt in quest of writing beautiful python code

Hello everyone. I always wonder what are the good practices in developing software in Python. I am young and  inexperienced few years back. But  people around me and situations I faced from past few years had taught me many things. Many things about coding style, good development patterns etc. Here I am going to discuss […]

computer Wizards and thier machines

Bob AlbrechtFounder of People’s Computer Company who tookvisceral pleasure in exposing youngsters to computers.Altair 8800The pioneering microcomputer that galvanized hardware hackers. Building this kit made you learn hacking. Then youtried to figure out what todowith it.Apple IISteve Wozniak’s friendly, flaky, good-looking computer,wildly successful and the spark and soul of a thriving industry.Atari 800This home computer […]