Lessons I learnt in quest of writing beautiful python code

Hello everyone. I always wonder what are the good practices in developing software in Python. I am young and  inexperienced few years back. But  people around me and situations I faced from past few years had taught me many things. Many things about coding style, good development patterns etc. Here I am going to discuss […]

Forbes top 100 quote collecting spider with Dragline

  In this post  we start with a new spider using Dragline crawling framework writing a jump start real world spider. By the end of this post additional to dragline api, we are able to cover some basic concepts of python. Forbes compiles good quotes and displays them in its website.So you wish to save them […]

Dragline,a Samson jawbone for crawling the web

Samson,a great hero from mythology killed all the enemys with a single Jawbone.Here we are having a snigle tool to slay all the problems of crawling. The olden days of pain and patience were gone. Now a new library is emerging, especially for writing powerful spiders for the web. This library will instantly turn you into […]