Lessons I learnt in quest of writing beautiful python code

Hello everyone. I always wonder what are the good practices in developing software in Python. I am young and ¬†inexperienced few years back. But ¬†people around me and situations I faced from past few years had taught me many things. Many things about coding style, good development patterns etc. Here I am going to discuss […]

Geospatial developement simplified with python

        In this article I am going to show how easy it is to build a real world Geo-spatial application with python. GIS? What is Geospatial development or Geographical Information Systems (GIS)?. According to Wikipedia , Geographical information systems (GIS), which is a large domain that provides a variety of capabilities designed […]

Understanding Egyptian multiplication via Python

Egyptian Multiplication The ancient Egyptians used a curious way to multiply two numbers. The algorithm draws on thebinary system: multiplication by 2, or just adding a number two itself. Unlike, the Russian Peasant Multiplication that determines the involved powers of 2 automatically, the Egyptian algorithm has an extra step where those powers have to be […]