How to use python expressive power for solving a level-5 challenge

Hello Friends.It took too long for me to post new article.But Impythonist came up with with really interesting Insight this time. Ok,what is title refer to?.We all done programming days and nights,why we stumble if new challenge is given to us?. This article is not intended for Hardco(ders)re,but main focus is on beginners & intermediate […]

Mongo DB for Python Developers

Introduction to NoSQL Architecture with MongoDB for  Python Developers This article covers using MongoDB as a way to get started with NoSQL. It presents an introduction to considering NoSQL, why MongoDB is a good NoSQL implementation to get started with, MongoDB shortcommings and tradeoffs, key MongoDB developer concepts, MongoDB architectural concepts (sharding, replica sets), using […]

Grab sites using Python:Create your own site grabber like IDM

Site Grabber Using Twisted Python —————————————————————- First install Twisted network can download it from you can download it from -> Direct installer is available for python2.7 for windows.After installing twisted go to editor and create this pythone file. Twisted is a event driven network engine got lot more capabilities. This is only a […]

Meta programming with python

Meta programming with Python Idioms Objects are created by other objects: special objects called “classes” that we can set up to spit out objects that are configured to our liking. Classes are just objects, and they can be modified the same way: >>> class Foo: pass … >>> Foo.field = 42 >>> x = Foo() […]