Exploring the Different Linux Career Opportunities

If you are planning to pursue a course in Linux but are doubtful whether it will make you earn money, then you need not worry as the demand for Linus certified professionals are never ending! After gaining popularity on the desktop and being quite popular in the enterprise, a large number of jobs and designations […]

Obama On Computer Science

President Obama records a video message in support of Computer Science Education Week, an annual grassroots campaign dedicated to highlighting the importance of computer science education for K-12 students.

Nimrod: A New Systems Programming Language

A language with extensive metaprogramming support, generics and exception tracking built in, optional garbage collection, and rivals C in performance. And it can compile to C, C++, Objective-C, or JavaScript. Nimrod¬†is a statically typed, imperative programming language that tries to give the programmer ultimate power without compromising runtime efficiency. This means it focuses on compile-time […]

The Rise And Fall of Languages in 2013

Much happened in languages during a year that appeared static. On the surface, 2013 appeared to be a quiet year in terms of language popularity and adoption. The reality, however, suggest considerable activity. As I usually do in January, I analyze several language metrics from multiple sources: Ohloh.net, which measures activity across almost 600,000 open-source […]

So You Want To Write Your Own Language?

The naked truth about the joys, frustrations, and hard work of writing your own programming language My career has been all about designing programming languages and writing compilers for them. This has been a great joy and source of satisfaction to me, and perhaps I can offer some observations about what you’re in for if […]


HERBERT SCHILDT Herb is the author of more than two dozen computer books, with topics ranging from C to Modula-2. This article is based on his book Born to Code in C (Osborne/McGraw-Hill). He can be reached at RR #1, Box 130, Mahomet, IL 61853. In this article, I develop a C interpreter that can […]